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Allegro Diagnostics Corp. is a molecular diagnostics company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative genomic tests to support the diagnosis and management of lung cancer. These tests have the potential to enable the early diagnosis, staging and informed treatment of lung cancer and other lung diseases.

The company has developed a molecular testing platform that is based on the discovery of a genomic biomarker for lung cancer. This platform has generated multiple product candidates that analyze specific changes in gene expression in epithelial cells of the airway, which are associated with the development in lung cancer in current or former tobacco smokers.

Allegro‚Äôs first product candidate is BronchoGen™, which can be incorporated into standard bronchoscopy procedures to provide additional critical diagnostic information to support more rapid diagnosis and treatment. This approach may provide more accurate, more cost-effective, and less invasive early diagnosis of lung cancer, a $10 billion worldwide market. Allegro holds extensive intellectual property rights to the molecular testing and analysis of the gene expression platform for this product.

Latest News

April 02, 2014
Allegro Diagnostics Confirms Clinical Validation of BronchoGen™ Genomic Test for Improved Diagnosis of Lung Cancer in AEGIS-2 Clinical Trial

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